Bridal gloves: 3 tips to elevate your wedding day look

Satin plain gloves

One of our FAVORITE accessories to jazz up our bride’s wedding day look are wedding gloves! It’s one of those wedding trends that has returned recently and we are loving it! Probably one of the most popular gloves that we’ve seen on celebrities in the past year are plain satin gloves. It goes with pretty much any simple white dress and there are a variety of lengths to choose from (from elbow length to armpit length). However, there are so many more options than just satin gloves. Designers are now coming out with textured gloves (think pearls or 3D florals and even fur!). There’s no fast rules when it comes to wearing bridal gloves but here are 3 tips we have that will elevate your overall look if you’re considering wearing them on your wedding day.

TIP #1: Wear gloves during your wedding ceremony to formalize the look but take them off during the reception! Not only will this allow your hands to be free (while eating your dinner) but it will give you a 2-in-1 look. If you don’t like having cloth over your fingers, you can simply cut off the finger portion and turn it into fingerless gloves.

Rouched fingerless gloves

Tip#2: Make sure the color of the gloves matches your dress! Did you know that the color white can have either a cool or warm tone to it? Cool tone whites tend to have a silver/blue tint while warm tone whites have more of a yellow/green tint. When trying on your gloves, do it in natural day light so that you can ensure it matches your dress.

Tip #3: Find the right vibe. If your dress is flowy and whimsical, find detachable gloves that are voluminous. If your dress is elegant and formal, go with a fitted glove.

Whimsical tulle gloves with polka dots
Sheer gloves with 3D floral embellishments

When you’re out wedding dress shopping, make sure you ask your bridal stylists about wedding gloves so that she can style you in them! We hope this blog post helped you! If you’re looking for bridal gloves, be sure to come check out our collection of gloves at La Soiree Bridal (located in Kalamazoo, Michigan). All gloves shown above are available at La Soiree Bridal and we would love to help you style your wedding dress!

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